A local player, leader and pioneer in the mobility sector in Spain deeply rooted in the Spanish railway tradition, Alstom has been manufacturing trains in Spain for more than 150 years, with a long history of innovation and commitment to the economic and industrial development of Spain. . Currently, Alstom, with more than 3,000 employees, is recognized as one of the leaders in the Spanish market. With a local and international focus, Alstom teams in Spain lead mobility projects around the world. Both the centers of excellence for innovation and digital mobility located in Madrid, as well as the industrial centers in Barcelona and Vizcaya, supply equipment and solutions for the national and international market, with projects in 23 different countries. Alstom promotes mobility through the application of the Innovative and proven latest sustainable technologies, designed to provide optimal cost over the entire life cycle.

Trains and traction systems Alstom has one of the most advanced rolling stock production centers in Europe in Barcelona, with the capacity to manufacture all types of trains, as well as the center of excellence for traction and control systems, located in Trápaga (Vizcaya). ) which makes propulsion equipment for projects around the world. Signaling and digital mobility More than 1,000 technicians and engineers dedicated to developing and implementing state-of-the-art signaling and security solutions for all types of railway infrastructure and rolling stock. The R&D laboratories located in Madrid develop digital solutions to respond to the mobility challenges of the 21st century. Services: Alstom offers a variety of personalized services to public and private operators. The objective is to guarantee an optimized, safe and global management of rolling stock and other railway equipment. Infrastructure and systems.

Manufacture of components / Metalworking and electronic supplies.

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