EIIT is a company with more than 35 years of experience in the design, manufacture and creation of Electronic Tests for various industries in addition to the automation of assembly lines. EIIT is part of the Controla Group. The EIIT Group was established in early 2011 as a result of the strategic association of three engineering companies: EIIT, Parsec and Controlar. All of them had previously been recognized as experts in their sectors, therefore their activities, products and solutions were seamlessly integrated to create a comprehensive business portfolio.

STE: Its know-how (Ni Software, Buses…) and its continuous training guarantees the development of functional tests on different products that verify the correct assembly and operation of all types of electronic circuits of any type of technology, integrating it if necessary into tools. or RIGS. AUTOMATION: Due to the synergies obtained between our mechanical, electrical, electronic, control and software engineering teams, we develop comprehensive automation projects, with improved, more efficient and optimized industrial processes. Also many projects involve special test equipment to complement automation solutions with a series of tests including electrical, electronic and machine vision. AERONAUTICS: At EIIT we design advanced systems for the Aerospace and Defense industry following the specifications and requirements of our clients. We manufacture and design these products for any client.

Collaboration/synergies/subcontracting Auxiliary Automotive, Aeronautical, Electronic sectors

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