Andalusia Plastic Technology Center.

Andaltec engineering and simulations has a wide range of tools to optimize and validate the design of products and processes: CAD design, mechanical, thermal simulations, condensation. Reological simulation (Moldflow), thermoforming (T-SIM). ANALYSIS AND TESTS The Andaltec Laboratory offers tests in the following areas: Physical-chemical characterization of materials, food security (global and specific migration tests) accelerated aging, metrology, biodegradability and compostability … Development of materials Development of materials with advanced properties: Technical plastics of high added value, conductor materials, nanocomposites. Waste valuation study, LCA life cycle analysis … prototypes we have a wide variety of technologies and materials for the prototyped parts: piece or full model, 3D printing (multijet, SLS, SHS, FDM ..), Colada to empty, machined, great variety of paintings and ac

Mechanical and electronic engineering. Machining companies.

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