Meusburger leads the market for high-precision standardized elements. Customers around the world enjoy the benefits of standardization and the company’s more than 55 years of experience in machining steel. Our product portfolio ranges from high-precision standard elements and premium workshop supplies to hot runner and regulation systems. All this makes Meusburger your trusted comprehensive supplier for the manufacture of moulds, dies and tools.

  • Standardized mold holders.
  • Hot chamber systems and temperature controllers.
  • Modular and standardized die holders.
  • Standardized elements for the manufacture of moulds, dies and tools.
  • Wide selection of plates and stabilized bars in various materials.
  • Custom steel plates with short delivery times
  • Workshop supplies.

Our products are aimed at mold makers and toolmakers, injection and stamping companies as well as companies that manufacture tools and special machines.

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