Oslice Technology provides industrial automation and vision and artificial intelligence services, offering solutions with the most advanced technology capable of providing companies with improvements in their productivity and profitability. The main motivation is to provide solutions that increase quality and flexibility in the manufacturing process, reducing operating and maintenance costs. Our experience in product and process engineering, in addition to our multidisciplinary team made up of experts in automation, AI, artificial vision, electronics, mechanics, electricity, etc., has allowed us to consolidate ourselves in various industrial sectors such as the plastics sector, the food, fruit and vegetable sector, mining sector as well as others.
  • Automation and process control.
  • Vision and artificial intelligence (hyperspectral technology, quality, food safety, picking, etc.).
  • CE marking, production management, monitoring and process data management.
  • Industrial machinery, turnkey solutions. . Retrofit of machinery and processes. .Spare parts and accessories.
  • Collaboration projects.
  • Component and manufacturing suppliers.
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