Rosenbauer Ciansa, S.L is a company integrated in the group of Austrian origin, Rosenbauer International AG. The Linares plant is part of a total of 19 production centers located in Europe, Asia and North America. The Rosenbauer Group, as a global company, is a leader in terms of technology and volume in the manufacture of mobile protection elements against fires and catastrophes, all applied to the fields of civil defence, airport firefighting, the petrochemical industry and military use.

The production of Rosenbauer Ciansa S.L. covers a wide range, including:

  • Municipal firefighting vehicles.
  • Light urban fire engines.
  • Heavy fire trucks.
  • Forest extinction vehicles.
  • Rapid Intervention Vehicles
  • Rescue and salvage vehicles
  • Combat of dangerous goods
  • Vehicles for fire fighting in petrochemical industries
  • Aircraft fire rescue vehicles
  • Escalators

Subcontracting of auxiliary works -.Laser cutting. -. Machining of extruded aluminum profiles. -. Superficial treatments. -. Welding. -. Large format plastic machining. 3000×1500 mm

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