We are a small company in the metalworking sector dedicated to the manufacture of agricultural machinery, more specifically olive harvesting equipment, vibrators and umbrellas.

Our products are mainly focused on olive farms and other fruits such as nuts. Among the products, the frontal vibrating equipment and the collecting umbrellas stand out.

We are currently immersed in an R&D project for new olive harvesting systems, based on a 100% mechanized integral harvest. This project is the result of line 11 of the INNOLIVAR Project of the University of Córdoba. The prototype developed has great potential for the comprehensive mechanization of the intensive olive grove (not super-intensive, which is also possible), in which it can practically be implemented and also opens a path for updating the traditional one (without the need to renew it). In view of these results, in Talleres Mata Campos S.L. We are open to establishing relationships with interested companies to continue the development and commercial exploitation of this new system.

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