The University of Jaén accompanies the company in its commitment to innovation for differentiation and the improvement of its competitiveness, responding to its needs in R+D+I to the different productive sectors, among them: metalworking, plastic, ICT, aeronautical, automotive, wood and furniture, electronics, etc. Currently, the UJA has more than 120 research groups in different areas of knowledge, which transfer their knowledge, technologies, services and patents to companies in different sectors. To this end, it also has 6 research centers and institutes in different areas, as well as state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructures and equipment.

The UJA services in terms of R+D+I for companies are: .- Analysis of the company’s R+D+I needs and configuration of customized work teams thanks to the rigorous work and extensive experience of our research staff. For this we have more than 900 specialists in different sectors. .- Advice on the implementation of R+D+I projects, as well as the search for strategic alliances. .- Management and negotiation of R+D+I, consultancy and scientific-technical advice, patent licensing, software and specialized training, among others.

The University of Jaén is interested in the search for synergies for cooperation in joint R+D+I developments, Company-UJA Collaborative R+D+I projects, testing and validation of prototypes at an industrial level for the joint development of products , etc.

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